The psychological world of being hyped



The health and abundance of the spiritual world play a key role in becoming a normal human being. The joy that people enjoy is based on a standard foundation of health.

Never imagined that jumping into the grave of love would be such a profound fall. Thoughts are like being eaten by worms, and the nerves that are close are always involved. The human body is ultimately an intact individual, like an apple. The core is broken, the taste is all gone; the outer skin is broken, peeled off is still delicious. However, he doesn’t want an apple, and you only have an apple core left. There are too many losses that cannot be repaired and retrospectively, so why should the future people want to make up for the wounds made by the previous ones? There are too many topics to think about in life, and emotional stumbling is something that too many rational people scoff at. The cupboard window smashed into the head of the people, good people are the first to sacrifice. Those who you notice running in the front of life may have abandoned the true goodness of human beings and replaced it with how to better cater to the world, how to meet the needs of the role, how to be comfortable, how to jump and jump to the top. The reality of nakedness is everywhere, and some people are so naked that they try to embrace and soothe with their flesh, and some people are cloaked in thorns, looking and cautious. We have the same bleak grey shore in front of us, and you want to be carried away by positive-minded people. The body is fused, the soul still walks alone, you taste the wine, and your tears and heartbeat coincide. Time does not blink and never cares about your loss and pain for a moment. Time never stops, and you are like a dull star in the universe that may have shone once. The summer days in Sydney were accompanied by wind and rain, and happiness was interspersed with some parts of the exchange. The more people become obsessed with delusions, the easier it is to get happiness, and the harder it is to achieve it. We finally do not want to admit the cruelty of reality, in doing are witnesses, and we choose to be silent, choose the glazed round trip. There is no way to foresee the day when we become dust, people say that we are reincarnated into the century to start over again, but how to raise new sails in the battered spiritual world? How to press the pause button on the passing obsession? Cut off this useless brain?




🦢 Tally the different traces of life blooming. Chinese cherubs in Sydney.

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Effie Gleeman

Effie Gleeman

🦢 Tally the different traces of life blooming. Chinese cherubs in Sydney.

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